March 2016 will see the release of quite possibly the heaviest record Dry Cough has released so far.
If you like heavy music - and doom in particular - then you'll no doubt be familiar with these two behemoths. After a joint UK tour earlier in 2015, they decided to put a record out together, and this skull-crushing split LP is the result.

Denver trio Primitive Man are one of the hardest working and most prolific bands around right now, releasing an LP and a slew of splits & EPS since 2013, whilst seemingly almost permanently on tour. The two tracks they've recorded for this split are as harrowing and ferocious as any of their prior output, in fact before I'd even heard them, ELM informed me that they were the bands' angriest songs yet!
'Cold Resolve' is one of the slowest tracks the band have recorded and it's an uncomfortably claustrophobic listen that brilliantly builds the tension to an almost unbearable level: 'Servant' follows, and whilst hardly fast, the gradual increase in tempo almost feels like a blessed relief. Unfortunately for your ears and nerves, the respite is brief and band continue to violently lay waste to your senses for a further fraught 6+ minutes.

The flipside features one mammoth track (is there any other kind?!) from Dry Cough alumni - and one of the UK's finest doom outfits - Sea Bastard. This is the third record of theirs I have had a hand in releasing, and with each one they've blown me away.
'The Hermit' starts off fairly low key, the pace probably best described as 'crawling', but this is what the band do best: slow, bludgeoning repetition, luring the listener into an almost trance-like state before an expertly executed change in tempo takes things up several notches and the song explodes.
In terms of riffs, Sea Bastard have always offered up some of the most aurally satisfying ones one could wish to hear, and this track is no different, it's full of them. If one word were needed to describe this song - and this band then I think 'hefty' would do nicely!

Pencilled in for release late January 2016

500 copies. 180g vinyl.


released February 24, 2016

Primitive Man's side of the sleeve features the unmistakable artwork of vocalist/guitairst, ELM.
Sea Bastard's side is adorned with a distinct drawing from the band's guitarist, Oliver Irongiant (and is the first sleeve of theirs not to feature any skulls!)

Co-release with Black Reaper Records (UK)



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